Exercise with your partner – it’s healthy and it helps your relationship

All of my friends are jealous of my relationship with my husband, they’ve told me that themselves. Tom and I have been together for almost 15 years now, and our love for each other has never been stronger. It’s seems like a cheesy thing to say, but it’s true. It’s not me saying that, but rather I’m just reiterating what my friends are saying. All this praise of my relationship has given me motivation to talk about the little things that me and my husband do in order to keep our relationship alive.

How to spend time together with your partner – exercise together

Modern way of life leaves everyone busy. My husband Tom works as an IT consultant, and I’m busy stay at home mom. With our schedules being what they are, we always have to sacrifice something in order to spend time together. Most of the time our exercise routines end up getting ignored in favor of a relaxing evening in front of TV, visiting friends, eating dinner at the restaurant or going to the movies. We noticed that because we had been ignoring exercise we’ve gotten out of shape a lot. Since before it was usual for us to each have our separate workout routine, we decided that we would do our workout routines together.

It’s a win-win situations really. Now for 3 days a week, when my husband gets home from work we have a workout session at home, and while we exercise our kids are goofing off and playing around in the yard. This way me and my husband spend time together, while at the same time we get our weekly dose of exercise. We talk about our day, what our schedule for tomorrow is, etc. It’s a neat little lifestyle hack that at the same time get your in shape and strengthens your relationship. What do you think, is it something that you and your partner might get in the habit of doing?