Rocking babies to sleep – you’ll miss it one day

When kids are small, when they are toddlers, many parents, especially new parents, start thinking about things like rocking them to sleep as chores. As a mother of two, I can sort of understand that sentiment, believe me. But as a mother of two who are 8 and 9 now, I have to say that I kinda miss rocking my babies to sleep. Not that arguing about leaving the tablet alone and going to sleep doesn’t have its charms, 🙂 .

Rocking children to sleep – you’ll miss it one day

Now don’t get me wrong, I realize how exhausting rocking babies to sleep can be. Your arms get tired, and if you do it often, you’ll regret it because your baby will become used to being rocked before sleep, and will only go to sleep if rocked. Don’t overdo it, use mainly other techniques like holding, talking, singing, music boxes to get your baby to go to sleep. But also at the same time, don’t rob yourself of the occasion rocking to sleep.

Time flies very fast, and once your kids get older you’ll miss holding them in your hand and getting them to sleep. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s like you’re losing them in some way. That’s why take this small piece of advice from a mommy with experience. I’m sure I’ll miss rocking my kids to sleep once that they get even older, and teen drama starts happening. Ah, motherhood, what a bittersweet adventure it is, wouldn’t you agree?