Homemade Hamburger Helper

Same easy cheesy meal as the boxed version, but oh so much better for you! Use ground venison, turkey or beef to make this Homemade Hamburger Helper that your family will ask for again and again.Cheese. Noodles. Meat.


What’s not to love?

I somehow missed the traditional boxed Hamburger Helper that many grew up on. That’s probably a good thing since it is a mess of artificial ingredients and high sodium. In fact, Betty Crocker’s Hamburger Helper has 44 ingredients (before you even add the ground beef), and each serving contains 190% of the daily allowance for sodium.

This Homemade Hamburger Helper offers a much healthier alternative that is still easy to make and delicious!
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Have Fun Eating at Home

Can't go out to eat tonight? Eating at home doesn't have to be boring. Here are 5 ways to bring the restaurant experience home.Are you are choosing to stop going out to eat because you are on a tight budget and trying to save money? Or maybe you are restricted by diet or health issues?

We are bombarded daily by advertisements for restaurants and fast food. Sometimes it can feel like everyone else is out enjoying a fun, decadent meal while we are stuck at home heating up last night’s leftover spaghetti. We visualize what the ads show: a couple on a date or a family out to eat, smiling as the cheerful server brings them heaping plates of delicious food, amazing desserts, and then clears everything away and they don’t have to lift a finger. [Read more...]

10 Bad Habits that Waste Money

Do you wonder why you can never seem to get ahead? It could be that your little bad habits are sabotaging your budget. Don't waste money on them.Ready for a little tough love?

Here is a rundown of the bad habits that may be sabotaging your budget. If you are guilty of any, but don’t think it is a big deal, do the math. Try writing down exactly what you spend on it over the course of a month. The amount may surprise you.

Adopting a more frugal lifestyle often means making changes in the way we think, plan, and go about our daily lives. Bad habits can be hard to break, but if you really want to change your financial future for the better, you may need to do a little reprogramming.
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Friends Don’t Let Friends …

Oven Baked Zucchini ChipsThis is my 100th blog post.

I’ve been coming up with great ideas and tips to share that I thought would make a great post today.

However, instead I have spent half the day trying to make oven baked zucchini chips. I am fed up with them, and would advise anyone even considering making them to use a dehydrator.

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Peaches ‘n Cream Ice Cream

Homemade Peach Ice Cream is a perfect celebration of warm sunny days. Fresh peach and silky smooth vanilla combine for an irresistible dessert. Yum!Peaches are Summer cracked open and spilled out with sticky sweetness.

This week I had some peaches that were ripening faster than I could eat. While I don’t care for the soft texture when they get too ripe, overripe peaches are perfect for using in peach ice cream and baked goods. I took out my trusty ice cream maker and set to work making the most delicious peach ice cream. [Read more...]

I’m NOT Cooking Tonight!

Some nights you just can't cook. That's ok. But it doesn't mean having to resort to pricey takeout. Here's how a flexible Meal Plan works for your schedule.
That’s it, I’m throwing in the towel.
It’s too hot to turn on the stove.
I’m tired of deciding what to make.
I don’t feel well.
There’s nothing to eat.
I just don’t have time.

Sound familiar? Yeah, me too.

Whether you are racing the clock every evening juggling work and family; exhausted trying to keep up with kid’s activities; or don’t feel like cooking a big meal just for yourself; the prospect cooking diner from scratch every night can be downright unappealing. [Read more...]