White Pizza with Veggies

White pizza is just as versatile and flavorful as traditional pizza recipes. This veggie white pizza also features homemade dough and oven roasted garlic.The first time I had white pizza, I was living in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. One bite and I was hooked! Soon I became a frequent customer at the nearest pizza shop, ordering the white pizza with broccoli.

My son loves white pizza as well, but with spinach. For years, this was the only way he would eat a vegetable without coercion.

Just like traditional pizzas, white pizza offers endless variety of ways to make and top them. You can truly customize them for your tastes and dietary needs. You can try out Greek style using feta cheese and spinach one week, then opt for roasted red peppers and chicken the next. I do something different every time, but wanted to write up a fun vegetarian recipe to get you started.

The homemade crust is the same one I use for my Picky Eater Pizza. It is easy and predictable, so I’m sticking with it for now. Roasting the garlic cloves in the oven while the dough bakes is fun and the result is fragrant and delicious.

I also tried cheese making last month, using homemade mozzarella and ricotta on some of the white pizzas I made. It was a lot of fun and I better understand now how cheese is formed. To make the cheese, I ordered a kit from a company online, and purchased raw milk at a local farmer’s market.

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2015 March Meal Plan

Soups and stews, comfort foods -- these are what we love to eat in the Winter! Here's our family's March Meal Plan with recipe links and printable calendar.Thank goodness February was a short month, because I was so done with it. There were a lot of sick days, so I was thankful for easy homemade soups and ready to go meals in the freezer.

If the old expression, “March Goes In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb” holds true, we should have a lovely end of the month. At least that might make this lousy weather seem worthwhile.

So, here we are still craving soups and stews, and heartier comfort foods. Breaking heavy meals up with vegetarian meals has been working out well.

This month, I’ll also be adding recipes for quesadillas and my Mom’s “Meatballs over Noodles.” Quesadillas are another one of those super versatile meals you can customize according to your tastes and what you have on hand. They are also a genius way to sneak in vegetables … shhh. [Read more…]

Overwhelmed? Tips to Stay Motivated

It can be so hard to stay motivated when we are surrounded by distractions. Here is a fun "Pick 3" plan to keep on task and accomplish your goals.Planning and making elaborate lists is part of my genetic makeup. My dad has developed his own systems to record data on birds, baseball, movies and music.

My sister wakes up each day ready to plan out her activities. I turn on my smartphone to see what tasks are due today. The zeal, the enthusiasm, the desire to seize the day are there.

And then it trickles out. Before breakfast is over, the enormity of my sister’s list weighs heavily on her and she longs to go back to bed. I bounce around between apps on my phone, unable to focus on any given task, and decide to play a game instead.

Planning is great. I highly recommend it whether you are looking at annual budget goals with your spouse, deciding your weekly meal plan, or trying to get the house in order before a party. A weird thing happens, however, between putting down the pen and commencing with the first item on our list. We get stuck. For some people this looks like inactivity. For others, it looks like when a chicken is still running around with its head cut off. Neither is better or worse. They are both completely ineffective.

Having ADD, OCD, or other conditions can make focusing on the task at hand even more challenging. I am very scatter brained and prone to distraction. I alternate getting stuck, unable to head forward in any direction, with running in circles. The latter may look productive to the innocent outsider, but really I am just spinning my wheels. [Read more…]

One Pot Potato Soup

Delicious comfort food, this one pot potato soup recipe is easy to make, easy to clean up. Bacon, broccoli and Monterrey Jack cheese add terrific flavor.Comfort food at its best!

This inexpensive, simple potato soup uses bacon and Monterrey Jack cheese for delectable flavor. With a large helping of broccoli, it is also a good way to add veggies into the meal for your picky eaters. Simplifying steps to a single pot makes cooking and cleanup a breeze.

My husband says this is his favorite of the soups I make.

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How I Save on Groceries (without Coupons)

Groceries are expensive enough these days without paying more than you need to. Here are the top 5 ways I save on groceries each week, without couponing.Is it me, or do grocery prices go up faster than I can get my squeaky wheeled cart from Aisle 1 to Aisle 10?

If food has become one of your top budget items each month, take heart, there are ways to cut costs — and they don’t involve hours of clipping coupons.

First, a Note to Timid Cooks

Feel like it’s impossible to cook everything from scratch? I can relate. Just a few years ago, I did not know how to cook. I didn’t care what I ate, only that it was easy and quick. Then, I was diagnosed with several major food allergies. I also had a child with autism that would only eat a rotating processed food diet of 4 food items.

After spending an afternoon throwing out nearly everything in my kitchen that had ingredients I was apparently allergic to, I wanted to cry. I was hungry, but I didn’t know what to make, or even really how. I ventured out to grocery stores and hit the specialty aisles, and was shocked at how much it cost to get even a few simple items that might be safe for me.

Some of you are already great cooks, and have always had a natural sense of how to nourish your loved ones with the best foods. But perhaps you are more like I was, and find yourself feeling clueless or overwhelmed. If I can do this, anyone can. I am possibly the most scatterbrained, accident prone person I have ever known to be allowed to use an oven. [Read more…]

Homemade Hamburger Helper

Same easy cheesy meal as the box version, but much better for you! Use ground beef, venison, or turkey for a Homemade Hamburger Helper your family will love.Cheese. Noodles. Meat.


What’s not to love?

I somehow missed the traditional boxed Hamburger Helper that many grew up on. That’s probably a good thing since it is a mess of artificial ingredients and high sodium. In fact, Betty Crocker’s Hamburger Helper has 44 ingredients (before you even add the ground beef), and each serving contains 190% of the daily allowance for sodium.

This Homemade Hamburger Helper offers a much healthier alternative that is still easy to make and delicious!
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